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The N.E. Hotel Beijing (Beijing Wangjia Kezhan) is located within easy reach of the Metro Line 5 Zhangzizhong Lu and Dongsi stations as well as several bus lines, granting guests convenient access to popular Beijing attractions like Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City.

This Beijing courtyard hotel features traditional Chinese-style decor and the on-site coffee shop offers a great venue for guests to have a drink while catching up with friends after a day exploring China's capital.[View Detail]
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  • cocixia
    Good boss is very good, very warm
  • e02563895
    Location away from the sea, South Gong and drum lane near Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square, gongwangfu attractions are nearby. health can also be in the room, equipment needs to be improved and service was good. compared to hotel is no way, but are quite special, lived in Beijing the price, a good deal.
  • onepotato
    Very good hotel
  • dannew
    For 13 days without dropping, cost-effective-nice, convenient shopping
  • d02248140
    Price quite high, away from nanluoguxiang, very close to the sea. around different flavor to eat, highly recommended!
  • iamwade3
    Pretty good.
  • Daina
    This price will not have too much?
  • caocaocao
    Inn location very good, in East four, Near East four metro station, very find, to all attractions are very near, directly can go to GUI Street and Lama Temple,, ahead of set of price also is compared reasonable of, Inn internal decorative good, is has taste, also has closed of glass terrace, feel is good, housing within layout clean, toilet also is clean! good!
  • li6tong
    OK, clean, is very characteristic of the corridor, in the alley, not too hard to find
  • littleboy256
    Hotels should be built for years, old facilities, WiFi cards, but decorated like hotel, quite characteristic. then check the boss's son to take care of, a bad temper, other staff very good! nice around the hotel, near Metro station, walk about 10 minutes to
  • gxj005
    Well, the small stacks in the box, you can feel
  • belinda_2011
    Overall its a good experience.
  • jojo_1107
    Continued to live several times, travel sites have changed, still live in this little courtyard which are not
  • lsgaojf
    Friends book Nice hotels.
  • cgp1126
    Entered ancient color sense of taste good, room clean, is the location a bit
  • supergy1208
    Perhaps should I still can scrape up enough words there must be 50 50 words how this provision is to encourage our irrigation requirement is encouraging us to water the provision is to encourage our irrigation requirement is us irrigation
  • lw007086
    For visitors of hotel demand is not particularly high, where a good environment, there are also special clothes, provide hangers, not hanging in the room. locations in the subway between Dan and Zhang Zi Zhong Road, out of 116,106,684 waiting for the bus. boss is very enthusiastic, take knife to cut a watermelon with no problem!
  • flying0203
    Old Beijing courtyard, I feel very safe and comfortable, and general feeling of home!
  • redicejun
    Place to stay very quiet, rooms seem more nervous, lucky is the last room I booked through _ happy! will continue to live.
  • e00253099
    Also, it's good.
  • fainlyice
    Hotels in the alley, the wife of easy-going, subways and buses close by, accessibility, health can be.
  • MBS430
    Rooms are old and poor noise outside, said nothing could be heard clearly, but the courtyard is not right? hot water good, but short duration. is a pub, not much is good.
  • abao_19
    In a narrow alley, find special, we went to Beijing in the evening, particularly security, especially after the room, very small, bed roughness
  • bbbsss
    20 minutes away from Metro, quiet and clean! many restaurants around the hotel, eat cheap!
  • watina26
    Room OK, but I was living room bathroom shabby. lived after the first night, the second night, sheets are very wet, I do not know why? but the boss wife's service is excellent!
  • asdfpopo
    Class fellow during the day can also be a good night of class II
  • celia09
    In the alley, car, taxis are not easy, but the subway. it was distinctive, but entered the room, General equipment was old, not very clean, bad air.
  • Awin02
    Health General
  • leo1228
    Arriving late at the time, was at the front desk service, very professional. look at the map, from the various attractions are also close and more convenient transportation, walk no distance is the bus station. in downtown Beijing, cost-effective hotel.
  • csnweiwei
    To live with friends, before forgetting reviews. recommended
  • rainmorning713
    Very clean, public rest area coffee shop small cozy ... nice
  • m1aoy
    Boss service very good, poor sound insulation of the room, do not report to the local day trips, including travel information provided by the front desk and want to play or their own travel, last day great wall tour, took us to the shopping area, said to be 100, then let us pay 120 Yuan per person, didn't go to the tombs and the Shisanling reservoir, pit
  • JessieJi26
    Hotel location, the facility is old, service attitude is good, health improvement! worthy of mention is the boss's attitude is very good, enthusiastic and thoughtful service for contact us travel agents, travel saved money, if breakfast is OK!
  • ccbb1231
    Black quilt pillow black walls black. first floor very depressed. cheap. but time will not.
  • lucycao2008
    Cheap, environment-
  • david36051
    Boss good enthusiasm, arranged in a neat, locations in four Metro not far East. in addition to the alley eating a lot, around the supermarket shopping, is good as a whole drops, next time will come again!
  • m00651993
    Beautiful girlfriend in public rest areas, fine hotels, room clean, clean environment to eat and play, quiet at night, thanks boss hospitality!
  • E00012841
    Hotel location is very convenient, in the old city in Beijing, around more eating places. hotels have opened more than 10 years, outdated facilities, lots and prices can be reluctantly accepted. only dissatisfaction is the provisional price online special room did not, stores need to pay 20 Yuan.
  • effie716
    Near nanluoguxiang next to
  • CFM888
    It wasn't too bad
  • cym6556
    Very good very good very good?
  • niccolj
    Environment is so bad
  • Ronni
    Antique style, very friendly service, will come again next time!
  • Amigo Xu Yu Xi
    Location good, is convenience, street commissary and restaurant are many, street of small restaurant dish products cheap delicious, GUI Street also is near, walk on to, but too lively has, and are is outsiders to Beijing rent shop business, General are is Sichuan, Hunan mainly, authentic of not more, price also your. Inn conditions also good, but wash supplies not how, recommends since with. addition recommends boss also is to note don't old money money money of not away from mouth, although we no with she has this aspects of receivedTouching, but into the store, stay when wife are heard behind the guest said the family extension of the accommodation will be how much, actually feels really bad, a suggestion if you want to say, back to my room and said, not in the Hall was opened on, not feeling too well by other guests heard.
  • dongning45
    Boss is very good, and was living in a Hutong is quiet, but I ==! the opportunity to book a night or less.
  • saintpare
    Well, live very comfortable, the price is acceptable
  • economics_liubo
    Quite satisfactory to all parties, but online reservation for a double bed, but the boss said only the King, which is a bit under the weather.
  • ntpro
    Services can also be: first night room air conditioner is not working and ordered a replacement room were asked to add money.
  • cui_juan
    Yes, and
  • LJ3688
    No toothpaste, toothbrush